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I've no idea if this is allow - if it's not, mods let me know and I'll take it down - but I'm getting desperate here. I've got this Lois & Clark fanfic stuck in my head and want to re-read it, unfortunetly, I can't remember who it was by or what the name of it is, though I am fairly certain that I found it on

So anyways, here's what I remember. Basically, for whatever reason during the fic - cause I'm not even sure this is the main storyline in the story - Clark becomes almost afraid of his strenght to the point where he's afraid to touch anyone because he's afraid he'll hurt them. I remember I sense where he saves someone from a burning building and he's afriad he used to much strenght on the people he saved.

Mostly I just remember how they resolved this issue. Lois finds out about it and to show Clark he has nothing to fear, they hug and Lois dares him, pretty much, to hug her as hard as he can. He of course, being afraid, hugs here tentatively and thinks he's hurting her, when really Lois doesn't even really feel it. It's then Clark realizes how much strenght he could exert to hurt her, and that, subconciously, he can manage his strenght.

Does anyone have any idea what story I'm talking about. I thought it was  Wendy Richards story, but if it is, I haven't been able to find it. I hope you guys know which fic I'm talking about because it's driving me crazy. Thanks in advance guys!
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